3 to 4.5L Constant Running Pump

2,500.002,550.00 ex. VAT 19%

Hydraulic Continuous Running Pump


Drive Units

The Drive unit is the part that interfaces with your vessel’s steering system to keep you on the right course. Raymarine has a broad range of drive units to match almost any type of steering system – our Evolution Autopilots accommodate hydraulic, mechanical and power assisted stern drive systems.

Hydraulic Steering System

Raymarine Evolution pilots connect to hydraulic steering systems using a rugged hydraulic pump matched to the capacity of the hydraulic steering system.

If your system is hydraulic…

You’ll need to find out the size (in cc) of the hydraulic cylinder ram(s) mounted to the rudder or inboard engined boats, or to the drive unit on outboard engined boats.

Autopilot Tip
If you cannot find the ram size on your steering system documentation, you can look on the cylinder ram itself for the brand and model number.

• In some systems with dual steering rams in parallel, cylinder capacity is the total of both rams. Rams in series only require single capacity valve. Hydraulic steering systems with steering rams over 500cc require our larger constant running pump used in conjunction with the relevant ACU.

Ordering Information

3 to 4.5L Constant Running Pump

Part No. Description Price ex. VAT 19%
E12171 3 to 4.5L Constant Running Pump 12v € 2,500.00
E12172 3 to 4.5L Constant Running Pump 24v € 2,550.00


General specifications
Drive Type Constant Running Pump (12V or 24V)
Vessel Displacement Does not apply here. The drive unit is matched to the ram capacity of the steering system.
Ram Capacity 500cc – 1200cc (30.5in3 – 73in3)
Maximum Stall Pressure at 12V 57 bar (827psi)
Peak Flow Rate (No Load) 4500cc/min (274.6in3 / min)
ACU Used ACU-300